Elevators Renovation

This project involves replacement or upgrade of one or more elevators at the development, including machinery and parts associated with the elevators and any required elevator room improvements. This may also include remote elevator monitoring system (REMS), and new slide entrances on both the main floor lobby and all accessed floors. The detailed scope of work is determined based on engagement of stakeholders and the specific design for the site.

Data updated as of March 27, 2023

100% Complete
100% Complete
100% Complete
13% Complete

Project Delivery Type: Design Bid Build

Project Update
Construction is in progress, with regular updates to stakeholders during progress meetings and through other channels.

Project Timeline


Planned Start Date: July 2017
Actual Start Date: July 2017
Planned End Date: August 2017
Actual End Date: October 2017


Planned Start Date: August 2017
Actual Start Date: August 2017
Planned End Date: May 2020
Actual End Date: November 2020


Planned Start Date: December 2020
Actual Start Date: December 2020
Planned End Date: September 2021
Actual End Date: September 2021


Planned Start Date: September 2021
Actual Start Date: September 2021
Planned End Date: October 2024
Current Estimated End Date: March 2025

Project Budget

Estimated Budget: $29.27 million
Funding Sources: Federal


41-01 12th Street
Long Island City, NY, 11101

Project Staff

Project Contact: Robert Mitchell
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