Capital Projects Tracker (Beta Version)

Click on any project listed in the map pop-ups for each development, or in the table below, to access the details of that project including a description of the project, progress summary, budget and contact details. If you cannot find the information about a project on this site, please Contact NYCHA.

Data updated as of 12/04/2023

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The interactive map below allows you to zoom and filter based on various criteria. Click on a development shown on the map in green circles and see the filtered projects at that development. These filters also control the table below the map, and you can click on any project listed in the map pop-ups or in the table to access the details of that project. The project details page provides a description of the project, and summarizes project progress, budget and contact details for any inquiries.

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Development Capital Project Phase

The data shown on this site is accurate as of the date shown above, and is updated every two weeks. While the data comes from NYCHA’s project management system, only a subset of capital projects are currently presented here. Excluded projects include: projects for which funds are not yet available to NYCHA, projects for which detailed schedules have not yet been developed by NYCHA, projects completed before 2017, emergency projects, projects which are funded and implemented across more than one development, Local Law 11 façade inspections and related construction, and project records with data quality issues. Projects undertaken as part of the Superstorm Sandy recovery and storm resiliency efforts are also excluded from this site; details about these projects can be found at NYCHA Recovery & Resilience.

In addition, planned start and end dates shown for each project may reflect schedule re-baselining undertaken as per NYCHA internal policies, rather than the original schedule developed for that project. All changes in projects schedules, estimated budgets and funding sources may not be fully reflected. Construction phase dates and progress shown for projects incorporate pre-construction preparation activities, not only physical construction, and project completion is defined as 100% physical construction completion excluding additional project closeout activities that may be required. As a result of these and other limitations, the Capital Projects Tracker is not an analysis tool and the data should not be used for quantitative analyses. It is intended to be used for stakeholder information purposes only.

The Capital Projects Tracker works best on the following web browsers: Chrome 93 or later, Edge 93 or later, Firefox 93 or later, and Safari 14 or later. This site is not fully web accessible due to technical constraints; these areas will be enhanced in future site updates.